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i think i can. i think i can.

win, that is.


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(so kj will stop bugging me)

This summer, I :

Went to the mountains with some 5th and 6th graders

Went to the fair with Abby to see Aubrey

One of Aubrey's many beautiful fair entries

Went sweeming with sisters

And friends

Colored with Crazy

for Abby

Words with Friended with Sisters

and Danced!


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Right Now.

It’s 3:15 am.

I just finished Catching Fire.

About this time last night (or Sunday night?), I finished Hunger Games.

These books are that good. I know it’s the middle of the night, but go to amazon right now. Buy the books right now. Go to your library’s website. Request the books right now. Queue up outside Barnes and Noble or Borders. Go now.

Catching Fire might just be the best book I’ve ever read. I literally laughed, cried and gasped. Mockingjay, the last book, comes out August 24. I can’t wait that long. What am I going to do for the next six weeks? I don’t think rereading Hunger Games and Catching Fire is the best option. Seriously. Does anyone know how I can get an advance copy of Mockingjay?

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End of School: Check.

End of Master’s Class: Check.

Do I maybe have 167 pictures just like this on my phone? yes. Betsy figured out that holding down the camera button on my phone just makes it take photo after photo after photo.

School’s out. You know what that means? Garrison.

Sun. Pool. Tennis.

Every day was spent by the pool or taking naps or reading or any combination of the above.

Night 1:

Henry, Elena, Jandro, Nathan

By the pool

Yep. I laid by this EVERY DAY.


Yes I swam in my clothes! And now I'm cold and mad because I'm cold because I swam in my clothes!

kj and caroline

Ope. Betsy found my phone again.


Popsicle cheers

Here’s to a great week. I’m back in the city now. Eric and Elizabeth are coming next week for a couple of shows. Then the week after that is VBS. Then I’m going HOME.

PS. As I’m posting, I’m watching Germany DESTROY Argentina. Wow.

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So, there was an earthquake near Ottowa and apparently it was felt in New York – really, according to the apartment dwellers below, it shook their curtains. Funny, because those people they interviewed on the Upper East Side? Yeah. That building is right next to my school and we felt NOTHING.

Also, did I maybe take this picture with my new iPhone? Yes. These people were going to camp out all night to get the new iPhone. I felt a little mean taking a picture of them.


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Ok. Not ever, but here is my last week in pictures:

Last Wednesday was finals. I received the photo below as an answer to an extra-credit answer from one of my sixth graders. Yes. It’s a picture of me. (Side note: I don’t let my kids use the bathroom often because they just like to go run around the halls….)

Extra Credit? (I gave him all four points)

Then, on Friday, I left my class for 10 minutes and came back to this:

So, this is safety glass. Yeah. Apparently a 7th grader had a hammer.

Then on Saturday night, we had Carrie Day party. (see Kari jo’s blog)

Then today…

Is that maybe the happiest face you've ever seen? Yeah. That's me. With the iPhone 4 A DAY EARLIER THAN EVERYONE ELSE.

Also, at&t royally screwed up and sent me two iPhones after only charging me for one. Yes. It really happened. I tried to give it back but they were just confused and told me to keep it.  Yep. There are people SLEEPING OUTSIDE TONIGHT to get a new iPhone tomorrow and I HAVE TWO!

Seriously. Awesome. Plus, ONLY TWO MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL!

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I want to go to there.

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