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People’s Republic of Boulder

Only in Boulder.


I may have climbed from the front to the backseat whilst Abby was driving for this: (Pretty, no?)


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The Zoo.

We took Aubrey to the zoo.

What did she choose in the gift shop? A compact full of makeup shaped like an elephant. Yes. it’s true.

She also did this:

(I especially like how she moves out of the frame to show you the monkeys.)

(how’s that for posting?! 2 in one day!)

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Family B-day

(my blog should maybe be called “adventures with aubrey”)

For some reason, we have this thing in my family called a “family birthday party.” Now, I understand that others of you may also have something to this effect, but not quite as extravagant as the Marshall family. In the Marshall family, every child has a “friend birthday party” full of party games and small children. Then we have a “family birthday party,” full of games, cake, etc. but no small children…well unless you count aubs.

So, without further adieu, here is the Family Birthday Party.

(please excuse my excessive screaming at the end.)

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five years old

Happy Birthday, Wonder Woman.

The girls got Wonder Woman crowns, cuffs and capes.

The boys got Superman “S’s,” capes and cuffs.

cake? no. Wonder Woman Cookies! (yes, the amazing kind.) a la Aunt Marilyn.

Maybe the happiest party goers:

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Harriet Anne Cockroft Marshall

I may have told my mom that today is the happiest day of my life.

Mostly because I bought this yesterday. Today is the happiest day of my life (and not yesterday) because today I christened Harriet. Yes. Harriet.

My beautiful, imperial grey kitchenaid mixer’s name is Harriet. She has inherited her name from my Grandma Anne. The woman from whom I’ve (indirectly and by proxy) received all of my baking prowess. I directly received most of my baking instruction from my mom, but I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t want a kitchenaid named after her… plus “Pastor Nasty” isn’t a great mixer name, sorry mom. (When I buy a bowling ball or a set of golf clubs, they will definitely be christened “Helen.”)

Good ol' Harriet Anne is second from right.

Smack-dab in the middle

The maiden voyage of lovely Harriet was, of course, a batch of Oatmeal Chippers.

(See the orange recipe card Amy wrote in college? It makes me feel like I’m baking with Pastor Nasty, Mimi and Babs)

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