Ok. Not ever, but here is my last week in pictures:

Last Wednesday was finals. I received the photo below as an answer to an extra-credit answer from one of my sixth graders. Yes. It’s a picture of me. (Side note: I don’t let my kids use the bathroom often because they just like to go run around the halls….)

Extra Credit? (I gave him all four points)

Then, on Friday, I left my class for 10 minutes and came back to this:

So, this is safety glass. Yeah. Apparently a 7th grader had a hammer.

Then on Saturday night, we had Carrie Day party. (see Kari jo’s blog)

Then today…

Is that maybe the happiest face you've ever seen? Yeah. That's me. With the iPhone 4 A DAY EARLIER THAN EVERYONE ELSE.

Also, at&t royally screwed up and sent me two iPhones after only charging me for one. Yes. It really happened. I tried to give it back but they were just confused and told me to keep it.  Yep. There are people SLEEPING OUTSIDE TONIGHT to get a new iPhone tomorrow and I HAVE TWO!

Seriously. Awesome. Plus, ONLY TWO MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL!


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