May 1-2.

Bike Ride along the Hudson

Risk-taking 101: Taking photos while on bike.

George Washington Bridge from Bolt

May 8-9. Inwood Hill Park geology field trip

Just Pretty

A walk through the UWS

See the green? Yeah. That's a park on the ROOF.

The Time Warner Center has this exhibit celebrating the World cup. These are my favorites.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Lampard, Rooney, Gerrard

May 22-23: Brooklyn Flea and SoHo

Brooklyn Flea

While at Brooklyn Flea (after walking around SCARY Bedford Stuyvesant for 90 mins), I may have (and by “may have” I, of course, mean “did”) seen Angela Montenegro. She totally lied. She was not in Paris with Hodgins.

I also had the BEST pizza I’ve had since Italy.

Pizza and Cons


Washington Square Park

Remember? I think we stood about here. The fountain wasn’t on – of course – and there was a stage, but it still looks exactly the same.

All Saints Spitalfields - always reminds me of Brick Lane

This weekend isn’t over yet, so there is definitely more to come.


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