Reason No.

Reason No. 256 Abby should go to NYU. (yes, there are 255 other reasons abby should go to NYU.) They have great design sensibilities… even in their ads.

Reason No. 432 I love New York: people take wedding pictures in Times Square (wha?).

Reason No. 785 I love Bolt. (I love Bolt because I didn’t break any bones when I flew over her handlebars and sustained this and about six other HUGE bruises).

Reason No. 258 I love Harriet. (red velvet cupcakes)

Reason No. 1 I love NY. (RPC)


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One response to “Reason No.

  1. Meghan

    hey there emily!!!
    you’ve been found :)
    i thought…if she has a blog i bet that it’s under the same name as her words-with-friends…and here you are :)
    yay for blogging! (i will try to get better at it myself)

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