Bike, Camera, Action!

Yesterday, Meghan and I went on a perfect bike ride through Central Park. I had to ride Lisa’s bike because Rainbow Bright is simply too freaking large to ride around. Lisa has this AWESOME road bike that she got at this crazy bike shop on the LES. So today, I made the pilgrimage to frank’s.

In preparation for said pilgrimage, I had to get myself a camera because my clunker from FRESHMAN YEAR OF COLLEGE was not happy. Thanks to my new camera, please meet Bolt.

Bolt is Lighting’s (Lisa’s bike) twin sister. Yes. I am a copycat. I went to Frank’s. I said I wanted a road bike. They brought out Bolt. I said yes. The end.

(except not really. I rode Bolt back from the LES – around the tip of Manhattan and back up the west side. It was awesome.)


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  1. Rachel

    Umm, hello, i didn’t know you had started blogging! Go Emmy! Love you :)

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