Foray into blogging 101:  probably mostly what I’m learning but am too self conscious to bring up (in fg, with friends, in life).

I’m reading this great book about how we love other things more than we love God.

Every chapter is about something different that we chase after. Every chapter I think, “Dang. I’m stupid.”

How did I fall into that trap? I knew I was loving this more than I should have! Why didn’t I stop myself?

The answer is easy. I can’t stop myself. I will fall into the traps when I’m on my own. Only He can stop me.  Only He can keep me from the brink of disastrous mistakes.  And even when we screw up over and over again, He comes back for us. (SonLight’s verse while I was home was Phil 2:13. Appropriate, no?)

I’m reading through Hosea. I am Gomer. Everyday, I consciously decide (and often unconsciously act stupid) to love something else more than Him. I run away from him for a lover that in no way will satisfy even for a moment.

All I can do is turn around and run away. Run from the home of my lover never to return – or at least only to run away again when I’m stupid again.

But He is always chasing after me. He is always removing me from my lover’s arms – even when I’m looking back with longing.


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